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MageMonkey (latest version v1.2.8)


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Do you need more information about this extension? Don't hesitate to contact us!

This module provides full integration with MailChimp email marketing system using their integration API. Support for interest groups, multiple lists, bulk import and export.

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  • Support for Autoresponders emails (customer birthday, related products, product review, no customer activity)

  • Support for Abandoned Carts Recovery via Mandrill

  • Adds ECommerce360 integration

  • Support for Sweet Tooth points and rewards

  • Supports multiple MailChimp email lists

  • Supports multiple interest groups

  • Allows sending additional Customer data to MailChimp as Merge fields

  • Supports WebHooks to keep subscriptions in sync in both, Magento and MailChimp. In example, unsubscribe the user from Magento's email list when they unsubscribe on Mailchimp's site.

  • Double opt-in support

  • Allows to force subscription on both Register and Checkout

  • Support for batch sync of subscribers from Magento to MailChimp and vice versa

  • Supports Magento CE v1.4.2.0 and up

  • Supports Magento EE v1.9 and up

  • Added compatibility with patch SUPEE-6788 and previous Magento versions.

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MageMonkey - MailChimp Integration by ebizmarts

  • Installation directions here
  • Configuration directions here

Additional Information

Supported Magento versions CE v1.6.x, CE v1.7.x, CE v1.8.x, CE v1.9.x, EE v1.11.x, EE v1.12.x, EE v1.13.x, EE v1.14.x
Installation Directions
  • Installation directions here
  • Configuration directions here
  • MD5 checksum: 619ce2288f7070d155fa55627070dd4d


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